Tomato Pickle in Instant Pot.

Tomato Pickle in Instant Pot.

Spicy tomato pickle/chutney is super yummy. It is little time consuming to make but so worth it. Best served with Hot steaming Rice and Ghee. Also a great accompaniment to Chapati/Roti/Idli/Dosa/Utthapam etc. Can also be used as a relish/spread. It requires few ingredients and very easy to make.

This will last upto 2 to 3 weeks when stored in refrigerator in air tight jar. Always use a clean dry spoon to avoid any fungus or mold growth. 

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For Stove top : 

Follow the same instructions below in a wide deep saute pan with a splatter guard. ( skip pressure cooking part i.e steps 5 to 7).

For Instant Pot: 


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