Instant Pot Accessories

Here I suggest products and accessories which I use daily and some others which are very useful in kitchen/household. I always try to get genuine Instant pot accessories for the best results and longevity, not saying others are bad but better use the genuine one’s for the right fit, moreover the cost difference is $1 or $2. 


1. My favorite 7 in 1 Duo 6 qt Instant pot which I own and use everyday which also appears in all my videos.


2. This new Instant pot mini is a favorite for all Instant pot fans and it is ideal for small family of 2 or less. 



3. first must have Instant pot accessory is a fitting glass lid that comes handy in saute,steam, slow cook etc functions.

4. A steamer is a great tool to use for steaming veggies or even to hold eggs when boiling them. 


5. For Pot in pot cooking this one is a durable and high quality stainless steel containers which are very handy. I use similar one’s which my mom sent from India but my friends love this brand. 

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6. Instant Pot trivet stands are very useful for Pot in Pot Cooking, and very easy to clean. Usually these come in a set of 2. The new models have holes to support eggs for boiling them. The one below is an awesome deal, comes in 3 pack



7. If you often cook sweet and savory items and you observe that sweet dishes are getting savory flavors, then the sealing silicone rings are to blame, these absorb flavors/odors from food and pass it to other dishes. In this case you may want to get 2 to 3 additional rings for different type of foods. Also some may go bad which means they lose their sealing capacity so we need to replace them. Here are genuine instant pot sealing rings.


8. It is always nice to have an extra inner pot, in case you need to make several dishes one after another, so you don’t have to keep washing in between. It is also very important to buy the genuine instant pot otherwise there may be a misfit and it will totally compromise the functionality of the Instant Pot.



9. A Fitting lid is a great accessory to have on hand , to take the food directly to a potluck or a party without having to use a new container. Again always buy the genuine instant pot brand for the right fit. 


10. Instant pot Starter kit is a great kit for the price and very useful. The silicone lid is a great use to cover dishes instead of using bulky lid. The heat resistant pad is used to keep the hot steel insert and can also be used as a jar opener, and a utensil rest, and a suction lid. Pair of mini mitts are obvious to have on hand for handling hot pot. 



11. Instant Pot yogurt maker cups includes 1 rack with 5 yogurt cups, each 6 ounce (170ml), airtight, spill proof lids.
Yogurt maker rack can hold five 9 ounce (260ml) feed bottles (not included) for sterilization by pressure steaming to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses. You can also use to hold eggs while boiling them. Multipurpose yogurt kit is very inexpensive too.



12. Genuine Instant Pot Accessories, is a Silicone Spring form Cake Pan is great for making cheesecakes and other desserts. It also has Tempered glass base to easily prepare, cut and serve on the same platter.


If you are a beginner? Check these beginner posts which has Tips & tricks, clean&care, how menu buttons works etc.


1.  Garlic press is a gadget which I use regularly for smooth and puree’d garlic and I have been using this one below from 3 years and I can see it is still as good as new one. 


 2. Tea infuser is a versatile gadget, I use it in the Instant pot to keep whole spices together that way they give the flavor and easy to remove after dish is cooked. I also use to keep tamarind in it and directly put it instant pot while cooking sambar etc. 



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