Lemon pickle with no oil

Lemon pickle with no oil

Lemon pickle with no oil is a easy peasy pickle to make and tastes so good. This will last upto 6 months to 1 year without going bad.

Lemon pickle is a great side dish or condiment to have on hand for those lazy days. Just this pickle, rice and dal will make a simple and tasty lunch or dinner. This also tastes great with Yogurt Rice.

This pickle is tangy, salty and spicy 🙂 Just so mouthwatering.. Whenever you are having a fever or cold, have a small bite of the pickle, since this is a fermented food with lots vitamin C .. it helps a lot, not only internally but also brings up the mood.

Salt is used as a natural preservative in the pickle and enough salt should be added so that pickle will last long time. I used Pink Himalayan salt for maximum benefits. You may think that there is a lot of salt in the pickle but that salt is easily required to balance the sourness of lemons.

Make sure you always use a dry clean spoon to serve the pickle. NO moisture should ever get contact with the pickle.

Always store the pickle in a ceramic jar or glass jar. Since pickle is acidic, it is not suitable to store in Stainless steel or plastic.

As the pickle sits and ferments, its taste and flavor becomes more better. Also the initial color will be very red and bright but as the pickle gets old it gets darker and maroon color which is a very normal phenomenon. 

Store the pickle in a cool and dry place, no need to be refrigerated. 

Initially pickle may be little bitter but as time goes the bitterness will break. This happens due to the lemon rinds.

Also the pickle may look little runnier but as we add fenugreek seeds powder, within a day it thickens. 

I hope you try this simple Lemon pickle with no oil and give me your feed back 🙂 

Lemon pickle with no oil

  • 8 Lemons
  • 1 tsp Turmeric powder
  • Salt (to taste)
  • 1.5 tbsps Roasted fenugreek seeds (, finely powdered)
  • Red chili powder (to taste)
  1. First wash the lemons very well, to remove any wax, dirt or debris on the skin

  2. Dry the lemons completely with a towel and no moisture should be present

  3. So out of 8 lemons , take lemon juice from 5 lemons and keep aside

  4. Cut the 3 lemons to quarters and remove the seeds.

  5. Now in a jar/bowl add in the lemons and lemon juice. 

  6. Add enough salt in the lemon juice so that there is excess salt sitting at the bottom of the jar.(see the video below)

  7. Stir well and keep covered in a dry place for 2 days

  8. After 2 days, the lemon pieces become little soft and now we can add red chili powder to taste and fenugreek seeds powder

  9. Check if more salt is needed and add accordingly

  10. Our lemon pickle is ready to enjoy .! 

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