Benefits of Ghee

Benefits of Ghee

Benefits of Ghee :  

It is important to understand that Ghee is a superfood of India, it is used from centuries making it a time tested wonder food. It also makes it place in Ayurveda, It is difficult to put in all the benefits of ghee together but here are some to understand its greatness.

  • It is pure fat(void of milk solids) so lactose intolerants, people on paleo diets can use it.
  • Ghee when eaten with carbs(like rice) makes the meal low glycemic thus slow sugar absorption in the body, great for diabetics.!
  • It is a natural moisturizer , I remember my grand mom used to moisturize her hands &legs with ghee and put a little bit on her lips in the winter season, sit in the sun and read her newspaper.! So nostalgic I must say. 
  • It is helpful to lubricate joints.
  • It is loaded with vitamins A, D, E and K.
  • It makes you satiated.
  • It is great for digestion and cleansing the colon.
  • It has powerful anti inflammatory properties.
  • Also a great aid for proper function of brain.
  • Increases the absorption of nutrients.
  • Great for healing the body of pre & post pregnant body….. and many more.

It is believed that Ghee derived from Holy Indian cow is the purest form of ghee.! Consider it as Liquid Gold.. 🙂 You will not believe many Indians in USA, UK etc get ghee from India through international shipping (Beloved moms and family members send care packages in which ghee, pickles and other sweets are most common). 

Now that you have seen some benefits of ghee, see how to make ghee in the below links. 

Check out how to make golden ghee from Heavy whipping cream

Click to see to how to make ghee in Instant pot


How ghee is used : 
Can be used in place of butter , in toasts or on roasted vegetables. 
It is used in cooking curries, biryanis, pulao etc
It is used in tadka(tempering).
Used to roast dosas, paniyarams, uttapams, served with idli + podi.
Can be used in Baking.
Serve with rice and dal.
Can be used as substitute to oil etc.
Add it to your bullet coffee. 
Hindus use ghee to lighten lamps for festive occasions and in temples.

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