Homemade Ghee Instant pot

Homemade Ghee Instant pot

Ghee is also known as Clarified butter in the west. Born and raised in a South Indian Brahmin Family , ghee was a staple in our household and used very generously. I remember my mom used to feed me dal rice with dollops of ghee and she used to tell me ” we are Brahmins we get our nutrition from ghee and dal” ( I did true translation but it meant that ghee is very important food to us). Ghee is also used in our tadkas (tempering), to roast dosas, make sweets etc. Homemade Indian Ghee is the best. 

 Ghee = Butter minus (milk solids + moisture)

Even though my mom did a full time job, I still remember her saving the cream into a steel box in fridge to make butter and further to homemade ghee. I used to hate the smell when butter is being cooked on stove , but as you can tell the end product smells divine and its worth it. 

I also remember my mom and grand mother used to keep the ghee container (usually small stainless steel one) near the stove, so that ghee will slightly become warm & loose, to have it with rice. These small memories make me very nostalgic and miss my mother & grand mother more .. makes me want to go to India and visit them asap..! 

Although many go after golden color of the ghee, growing up I am used to solid whitish (or caramel) colored and when melted it is used to have caramel color, so I always cook to that color. But it is totally up to once’s choice. 







Ghee’s shelf life is very long as we removed the milk solids and moisture from it. If properly stored and clean&dry spoon is used, ghee will stay for years. Can also be stored in fridge if desired but I always keep on my shelf. 

*** It is important to understand that we need to pay attention to the instant pot or stove while making ghee as in split seconds the color might change or it can burn also. so continuous monitoring is required. Some use slow cook mode on Instant pot to make ghee, If using slow cook mode then continuous monitoring is not required but it will take longer time to cook.

The time taken to cook ghee,  the color, aroma of ghee and taste of ghee will vary by brand of ghee used, quantity of ghee used etc. 

The milk solids are traditionally eaten with hot rice and pickle, so delicious. Some also eat it along with Sugar like a dessert. Don’t throw them away unless they are burnt.

Homemade ghee is the best and I totally recommend making at home than buying at the store..! Follow the steps below and you will get perfect grainy ghee with delicious sweet aroma.

For stove top : 

Follow the instructions below in a thick bottomed pan ( always low – medium heat). Turn off when the butter turn clear and milk solids settles down and started to turn golden. Cool and strain into glass jar. 


To make in Instant Pot : 


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