Different kinds of Flours

Different kinds of Flours

There are different kinds of flours in the market these days, gluten free kind, multi grain etc. Lets get down to the basics and see some details on different kind of flours.

Flours with Wheat : 

All Purpose flour : It is milled from a combination of soft wheat(i.e. low gluten) and hard wheat(high gluten). It is light with low protein which is great feature for baked goods, where it gives structure and elasticity. Very versatile in baking. 

Whole wheat flour: This is made from entire red wheat berry, boosting the level of fiber, protein and B vitamins. This flour can be used for baking but the baked goods will get dense.Works well for flat breads like roti, chapati or tortillas.

White whole wheat flour : I know what you are thinking, it is a mix of all purpose and whole wheat flour? NO. It is 100% whole wheat flour made of white wheat berries. It has comparable nutritional benefits of whole wheat flour but sweeter and lighter, making it an excellent substitute for all purpose flour in baked goods.

Flours without Wheat : 

Gluten free flour: These flours are usually made of gluten free ingredients, often combination of rice, potato starch or tapioca flours. 

Amaranth flour : This is made from the whole amaranth grain, this is a high fiber flour which has complete protein ( with all the essential amino acids ). 

Buckwheat flour: It is made from Buckwheat seeds, rich in fiber and protein. Works great for pancakes and muffins.

Almond flour: Made from whole almonds, makes it super rich in good fats, fiber, protein and Vitamin E. A great low carb flour can be used in baking or cooking. 

Millet flour: This flour is essentially made from millets. Great source of nutrition, Iron and protein. 

I hope this post on’different kinds of flours’ was helpful to you 🙂 I decided to make this post simple and short so that the information I want to share is crisp but not lengthy and over whelming. 

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