Instant Pot Jeera Rice -Jeera Pulao

Instant Pot Jeera Rice -Jeera Pulao

Jeera Rice ( Jeera = Cumin seeds ) comes to the rescue at the times when plain rice gets boring, it is mildly spiced and very flavorful with the whole spices we add to it.

This simple Instant pot Jeera Rice goes very well with north Indian dishes like Paneer curry, chicken curry etc or even south Indian dishes like Eggplant masala, Vegetable Korma, Dum aloo  etc. Jeera rice is a simple way to spruce up the dinner table than boring plain rice. It is also good for digestion as it has lot of Cumin seeds, which is a great aid for digestion.

Instant pot Jeera rice can be made 2 ways 

1 . To make the rice first and then add the tempering of the spices. This requires two vessels. 

2. To do the tempering of the spices and cooking the rice in the same pot. 

Both ways are flavorful and tastes good, I prefer the second method as it is one pot and the spices flavor gets infused well. 



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Watch the video below to see how Instant pot Jeera rice is made . 

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