Raw Banana Fry, Aratikaya Vepudu

Raw Banana Fry, Aratikaya Vepudu

Raw Banana fry (Plantain) aka Aratikaya vepudu is a side dish for rice, dead easy to make and required very less ingredients. The taste is comparable to potato fry but definitely Raw banana has its own texture and flavor. I like it best served with Hot Rice + Ghee and Yogurt rice + pickle. In US groceries I find two types of Raw banana, one is long yellowish and others are short and dark green. I tried both and found that the short green one’s are similar to the one’s we find in India. The long yellowish one’s are having a sweet flavor and didn’t come out well for this dish. Of course if you are shopping in Indian grocery there is no doubt, you will get the right kind of raw banana. I will keep a picture below to clearly show you what kind of raw banana I am talking about. Raw banana has ton of health benefits, rich in fiber, resistant starch and rich in Vitamins C, A and B6 etc. 




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