Pot in Pot cooking in Instant Pot

Pot in Pot cooking in Instant Pot

Pot in Pot Cooking or simply PIP means that we stack different containers with same/different foods and cook together at the same time. I know it is a little overwhelming.! But it is the simplest and effective way to cook things which saves time and efforts.

So you can do this in a regular stove top pressure cooker or in a Instant Pot. I did in an Instant Pot here for this post and the main part is to decide how much time we need to cook as different foods take different time to cook. so I have 3 points to tell you which will make your Pot in Pot cooking easy peasy.!

  1. Always place the longest time taking food to cook at the bottom of the pot. ( this will ensure that the longest cooking food gets the direct heat and the rest of ingredients gets less heat so that they won’t overcook)
  2. Trial & Error, Like any other thing in the world, it takes a little time to get the right times for your food depending upon the brand, size etc used. But once you find the sweet spot, you are good to go ..!
  3. Example. Lets say you have 3 foods A, B and C. ‘A’ takes 8 mins to cook, ‘B’ takes 5 mins to cook and ‘C’ takes 3 mins to cook. Now considering the above to 2 points, I would stack ‘A’ at the bottom, next ‘B’ and on the top’C’. keep 8 mins cooking time. Why? Because I know that any time below 8 mins will under cook ‘A’. then you might have a question, will ‘B’ and ‘C’ over cook?? I would say No because B and C are stacked on top of A and they do not get direct heat.



But you need to understand a key point, you cannot do Pot in pot cooking for foods that have wide range of cooking time. Let say you have beans , typically they might take 30 mins to cook. So you cannot cook Beans and Cauliflower stacked upon each other( cauliflower will become mush). similarly you cannot cook Beans and quinoa stacked upon each other. I hope you understood the science & logic 🙂 . Don’t worry practice makes everything perfect.

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Here in this post I cooked Dal(pigeon peas), Rice and Potatoes. My brand of dal takes 10 mins to cook so I chose 10 mins manual high. If your dal takes 8 mins to cook then do 8 mins manual high.



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