Masala Pasta in Instant Pot | Indian style Vegan Pasta Recipe.

Masala Pasta in Instant Pot | Indian style Vegan Pasta Recipe.
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Pasta is one dish where we dread to boil pasta in one big pot, drain and cook the sauce etc needing so many pots and pans. But here we will see how to make simple one pot pasta recipe that is cooked to perfection.

This pasta is vegan but you can definitely add butter,cheese and meat if you would like it. This can be eaten by itself no accompaniments needed but you can always serve with roasted veggies, garlic bread or even some french fries.

I like the traditional version of pasta but my Indian taste buds always crave for Indian flavors, not to mention my husband likes it Indian way as well. If you are making this for kids, then you can omit or reduce the spices. Also garnish pasta with roasted nuts like peanuts/cashews for extra crunch and protein/healthy fats.


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