Leftover rice and dal recipe | Sambar sadam or Bisibelebath with leftovers

Leftover rice and dal recipe | Sambar sadam or Bisibelebath with leftovers

Sometimes we just find ourselves with lot of leftover rice or dal or both, maybe because of a party or our dear picky eaters at home didn’t eat as much as we thought. Well no worries, this Leftover rice and dal recipe i.e. Sambar sadam or Bisibelebath with leftovers is very easy to make and your picky eaters won’t even notice 😛 Sshhhh

Here either you can make Sambar sadam or Bisibelebath but to be naughty I added both spices in the recipe and loved it. My husband devoured it without any complaining and didn’t even notice that it is made from the dal which he hated the day before 😀 

I didn’t add any vegetables to keep it simple and quick as I didn’t want to bother chopping veggies, but you are welcome to add veggies if desired.

Top the Sambar Sadam or bisibelebath with loads of ghee and roasted nuts like cashews or peanuts. If you have you can also add some boondi on top and Serve hot for a quick easy meal. 

One important thing to notice is that, if you have leftover dal and don’t have rice, then don’t pressure cook rice with dal as the dal goes bottom of the pressure cooker and gets stuck & burnt. Instead just cook them together in a covered pot, occasionally stir them to prevent sticking to the bottom.

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Leftover rice and dal recipe | Sambar sadam or Bisibelebath with leftovers

Leftover rice and dal recipe | Sambar sadam or Bisibelebath with leftovers

  • 2 cups Dal (cooked) (I used Leftover Tomato dal)
  • 2 cups Rice(cooked)
  • Salt (to taste)
  • 1 tbsp Bisibelebath powder (or to taste)
  • 1 tbsp Sambar powder (or to taste)
  • 2-3 cups water (or adjust for required consistency)


  • 2-3 tbsps Ghee (while serving)
  • Roasted peanuts or cashews (For garnish)
  • Cilantro (For garnish)
  1. Take a pan, add leftover rice,dal, water,salt, Bisibelebath powder,Sambar powder. 

  2. On medium heat bring it to a boil, occasionally stir to prevent sticking at the bottom. 

  3. Adjust the consistency of rice by adding enough water. You want to make it little runny, as it will thicken once it begins to cool down.

  4. It will take 5-8 minutes

  5. You can use only Bisibelebath powder or only Sambar powder. But I used both for a nice flavor and taste.

  6. Once the mixture has come to a boil, Turn off the heat. Serve HOT

  7. While serving add the Garnish ingredients and Boondi,chips or potato fry make a great accompaniments. 

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  • Tried to give a five rating but app wouldn’t let me. This is fab recipe. Wasn’t sure I’d like it as I don’t usually eat dal and rice together. But this is the perfect consistency, spiciness and heat.

    Thank you!

    • Thank you Liz ❤️ that is awesome, glad you liked it 😊.. I think sometimes the internet god’s are against me lol 😁.. if you have time try sometime later to give the rating.! If not no worries, you enjoyed the recipe that’s all that matters 💕 thanks for sharing your feedback 🙏

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