Instant Pot – Menu Buttons

Instant Pot – Menu Buttons

Instant Pot has a big impressive LED display that displays cooking time, whether its ON or OFF or in warm mode. This varies for model to model, but should be very easy to identify in any model. Although the user manual has everything we need to know, sometimes it is just easy to go through a blog post than reading the manual. Who agrees with me?

I have a 6qt 7 in 1 Instant pot and lets see how the menu buttons work and what their functions are.

Operation Keys/Buttons

There are total 4 operation keys which are


  1. ” 
  2. “+”
  3. “Pressure”
  4. “Adjust”


“-“ and “+” are used to change the cooking time value.

“Pressure” button toggles between High Pressure and Low Pressure setting. This button can be adjusted with all the other menu buttons except Slow cook, Saute and Yogurt modes as they do not need any pressure(high or low). 

“Adjust” button can do 3 things.

  1. It can change the pressure keeping time for all menu buttons except Manual and Rice menu buttons.

  2. Selecting modes in Yogurt button

  3. Adjusting the temperature of Slow cook and Saute modes. 

Functional Keys 

Lets start with my favorite button ,


Rice Button is very similar to rice mode in other rice cookers. This is a fully automated button where when you press the button the instant pot automatically adjusts the time needed to cook the rice( depending on the quantity). Default time for less quantities is 12 mins and will increase as the rice quantity increases. You cannot adjust the pressure in this mode. 


This button is specially designed to cook Beans and Chili , here you can use the adjust button to choose “less/normal/more” options. For example, if well cooked beans or chili is needed the use “more” option.


This button is for steaming food, like vegetables, dumplings or even for reheating food. You can use “-” or “+” to adjust steaming time. Also use “adjust” button to adjust less/normal/more. 


This button is for using the instant pot for sauteing or pan fry veggies etc here also you can use “adjust” button to adjust the temperature setting. 

Slow Cook 

This button allows you to use your Instant pot as slow cooker, you can adjust the time from half hour to 20 hours by pressing “-” or “+” buttons and also you can use “adjust” button to adjust the temperature setting. 


This button is for cooking meat and stew. Adjust the temperature setting and cooking time for desired consistency and texture of the meat.


This button is cook grains like wild rice, brown rice, moong beans etc. Use adjust button to adjust temperature setting. Default times for “less” setting is 20 mins, “normal” is 40 mins, “more” is 60 mins. 


This button is for making yogurt, it will basically do not cook but heat the pot just enough to create warmth to set yogurt.


This button is the most versatile option on the entire menu. You can choose the pressure level, temperature setting and also cooking time. The maximum pressure cooking time is 4 hours or 240 minutes.


This button is great for making porridges. Since the cooked porridge will contain lot of heat and pressure , never use quick release as it will get splattered everywhere. Always use Natural release. Use Adjust button to set temperature setting.


This button is for making poultry dishes. You can use adjust button for temperature settings as desired.


This button is for making soups/broth. Never use quick release with hot liquids as they will splatter everywhere. use Natural release. Use the adjust button for temperature settings as desired.


This is used for delayed cooking. That means you can set your Instant Pot to cook something at a later time and you can adjust the time using the timer button. To use this function, first select desired cooking process like rice or yogurt etc. and then press timer button followed by “-” or “+” buttons to set the delayed hours. Press the timer again to adjust the minutes. 

Let me know in the comments which button do you use the most? I use the manual and Rice button the most. 

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