Mirchi Bajji – Chile Relleno Indian style

Mirchi Bajji – Chile Relleno Indian style

P.S Mirchi here is Big Chilli or Big pepper.

Mirchi bajji is all time favorite snack in rainy or in cool pleasant evenings. But here in USA we unfortunately don’t have mirchi bajji vendors/foodtrucks on road side .God I miss all the street food I used to eat a lot of it with my friends and family. I know its unhealthy but once in a while we can enjoy it . So as soon as I saw long big mirchi’s in market , I immediately bought them home to make mirchi bajji’s .since I am using very large mirchi’s I am stuffing them ,So lets see how to do tasty hot stuffed mirchi bajji’s.


Notes :

1. Stuffed mirchi bajji is also cut into pieces,fried again and served as “cut mirchi” .

2. Carom seeds give very nice taste for the bajji’s as well as it is good for digestion.

3. Baking soda is optional , but it make the bajji fluffier.

4. If you have relatively small sized mirchi’s , you need not use any stuffing .

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