Instant pot Vegetable broth || Sipping Broth.

Instant pot Vegetable broth || Sipping Broth.

Instant pot Vegetable broth is a great alternative to Bone broth and is Low in calories, rich in nutrients and easy to make. I added several spices,veggies to make this delicious. This makes wonderful beverage on a cold rainy day, days when you have cold/cough and throat problems – gives you healing touch 🙂

This Instant pot Vegetable broth is

~anti inflammatory,
~Low in calories,
~Low sodium,
~Gut healing,
~Good for skin,
~Nutrient Concentrated,
~Anti bacterial.anti fungal,
~Healing and has many more properties.

This delicious Broth can be used in soups,stews,curries etc to increase nutrient quotient and taste.

To make this stove top, in a soup pot boil the veggies in the water for 30-35 mins and strain it.

Enjoy the Instant pot Vegetable broth HOT..!!



  1. Don’t use starchy vegetables like potatoes etc.
  2. Doing manual 25 mins give me nice golden color for the broth, anymore time the broth is too darker and slightly bitter
  3. You can use this a veggie stock as well as sipping broth or even in curries for flavor.
  4. Add vegetables, herbs, spices to your liking
  5. Strain the vegetables immediately otherwise the broth will get bitter and gives odd rotten kind of flavor.

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