Healthy Cashew Banana Ice cream

Healthy Cashew Banana Ice cream

Cashews are my favorite nuts to munch on and I love bananas too. So I decided to make icecream with these two ingredients as major components. You guys trust me this is delicious and super healthy and a bonus, it is only a recipe with 5 ingredients and 1 step .. Awesome isn’t it. Give it a try and let me know how it came out. The most interesting thing is I don’t crave to eat more, unlike a regular ice cream where you can’t stop eating.. and the ice cream very less added sugar as bananas are already sweet, so it is has just the right amount of sweetness.


Notes :

1.  It can be little hard to scoop out as we didnt add any cream, so let it thaw for couple of minutes before scooping out.

2. My Vegan friends can easily make it vegan by substituting creamer with coconut creamer or use any nut milk of choice. And Honey can be replaced with agave/coconut/nectar/sugar etc.

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