Top 7 reasons Why you should open your Instant pot & use it right now.

Top 7 reasons Why you should open your Instant pot & use it right now.

Top 7 reasons Why you should open your Instant pot & use it right now.!!!!

Hello friends, this small post is for you guys who are afraid to open the instant pot from the packaging and use it. For those who are afraid of pressure cookers. For those who think that instant pot is going to blow up the whole house. 😀 

Let me assure you, you are going to do just fine or even better than expected. Instant pot is very easy to use just like a smart phone and once you get the hang of it then you will be glued to it, just like how we get glued to our phones, lol. 

Here are top 7 reasons why you should unpack your instant pot and start using it. 

  • This reason is top on my list because it is very important. To make sure that your instant pot doesn’t have any bumps or dents. Let’s say you got it 3 months ago, opened it to discover having a big bump or dent?? Oops you cannot return it now, Can you?. So for this very reason open the box and check for any possible damages. 


  • To make sure you got the right model or at least the model you thought you wanted. I have seen so many people ordering something that looks like an instant pot or instant pot gem instead of what they really want. Of course on the cover it says instant pot but it might be a different model than what you expected. So check to confirm if you got the right model. 


  • To check if you got all the accessories that should be coming with your Instant pot. Usually 99% it doesn’t happen but just to be sure that you got all the accessories. 


  • Great you got the instant pot you wanted without any damages, awesome. But you need to start using it to make sure that you didn’t get a faulty product. So open the pot and do the water test to make sure pressure is building up correctly. 


  • To make sure you really like the product. I am 100% sure that you will love the Instant Pot but if there is a speck of chance that you didn’t like it then you need to open the box and use it to determine this, so that you can return it within return period. But please don’t return if your recipes failed. Did you return your saute pan just because your recipe failed? think?. If you recipe failed then you can master it, it is not the fault of product. 


  • Also you can start cooking healthy fresh meals at home for your family, which is a great benefit health wise and pocket wise.  


  • Because you are awesome, more stronger and braver than you think. Just get up and open it and start cooking. Flaunt your recipes and food pics on social media, it gives you a super boost to cook more.


Now that you got enough reasons to open the box and start cooking, here is a simple guide to must have instant pot accessories. 

Also if you are a beginner make sure you read my complete beginners guide posts where I discuss Instant pot terminology, tips& tricks, How to’s, how to use menu buttons and detailed review to help begin the journey. 

Comment below what are your biggest fears of pressure cookers? Are you motivated enough to open the pot and start cooking? 

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