Costco – Cuisine Adventures Organic Empanadas Review.

Costco – Cuisine Adventures Organic Empanadas Review.

I love Samosas and anything remotely close I have to try it. I was browsing through the frozen section of coscto and I found these Cuisine Adventures Organic Empanadas, vegetarian empanadas made of beans tomatoes etc and I knew I had to try it ;).

I got them and baked them as per the instructions. They become crispy on the edge and lil bit of chewyness (which is expected as it is not deep fried) and the filling is also tasty. I paired them with Maggi Masala Chili Sauce and I finished almost half the packet.

These will be good for party appetizers as the preparation is just baking, works well for snacks in the evening time with your cup of coffee and in kids snack boxes as well. I definitely suggests pairing them with sauce/dip of your choice.

The one more convenient thing is that these can be microwaved as well but I wouldn’t expect them to come out crispy as the baked one’s. Also I would buy these occasionally as nutrition wise I don’t find these appealing.

Let me know if you want to try these or if you have already tried these. * This is NOT a sponsored review*

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